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Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton

Information about Super Visa

Super Visa is a parents and grandparents visa, starting from December 1st, 2011. The Canadian Government introduced a new Visa for Parents and Grandparents to visit in Canada. Visitors who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, but their children or grandchildren are either citizens or permanent residents can visit their families in Canada and can spend time and enjoy themselves with their families. This is a long-term, multiple entry visa valid for up to 10 years. The parent can visit their family in Canada for up to two years per visit without the need to renew their status. This new Super Visa is reuniting families much quicker. In earlier days it used to take 8 years but now it may take only 8 weeks. It further helps your parents and grandparents to visit you on a short time notice to help you in pregnancy situations.

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LICO (Low Income Cut Off) requirements

Size of Family Unit MINIMUM 2018 MINIMUM 2017 MINIMUM  2016 MINIMUM 2015
2 persons $40,379 $39,813 $39,371 $38,618
3 persons $49,641 $48,945 $48,404 $47,476
4 persons $60,271 $59,426 $58,768 $57,642
5 persons $68,358 $67,400 $66,654 $65,377
6 persons $77,095 $76,015 $75,174 $73,733
7 persons $85,835 $84,631 $83,695 $82,091
Per additional person $8,740 $8,616 $8,522 $8,358

What is super visa insurance or super visa medical insurance?

Canadian government mandated along with the super visa, the requirements of having valid medical insurance in effect when entering Canada.

Why super visa insurance?

International travel does involve a lot of planning. Health-related planning is a very important section of overall planning. The Canadian government has outlined medical insurance as mandatory because it is a proven fact that with the change of continent, a lot changes with the person’s health. A person can be exposed to extreme climates, weather uncertainties, confusion with change in driving habits can lead to sudden and unpredictable accidents, and many more uncertain factors. All these changes can quickly add a heavy financial burden and stress on the visitor’s family in terms of many medical bills.

Super Visa medical insurance protects the visitor and visitor’s family against the cost of medical bills, in case they need any sort of emergency medical attention or treatment. Here are some examples: medical appliances (wheelchair, braces, crutches), diagnostic services (x-rays, laboratory testing), a prescription medication for 30 days, private nursing, ambulance transportation, professional services, expenses related to death, bedside companion, return of dependent children, dental accidents, etc. This could be caused by many factors such as an accident or an illness that occurs while they are in Canada. Such expenses are covered under the super visa insurance plan and help visitors and families from undergoing any unrequired financial stresses.

Super visa insurance requirements

This health insurance coverage, also known as super visa insurance, must be effective upon arrival into Canada for at least one 1 year. However, this is required to be planned and arranged prior to their arrival in Canada or they won’t be permitted to enter the country.

The direct requirement of insurance coverage is explained on the Canadian government official website as follows:

What do we do at Gurjinder Kaur Insurance to help you get super visa insurance?

Since the inception of super visa, in December 2011, we have helped hundreds of customers with their questions about the super visa insurance requirements. We are independent brokers and we can give you best super visa pricing after comparing many providers. Your support and repeat business throughout these years has helped us to keep motivated and we are always proud to serve our community in and around Edmonton.

We help our every client to first understand their requirement and then propose the right insurance product and company to them. Our belief is to take the right amount of time in knowing and explaining the needs of the client to them and to the providing companies so that our client gets the best deal and the absolute best super visa insurance coverage.

We work hard to provide the unmatched super visa insurance plans to our customers. We help and guide you online to compare various available coverage and arrange the best insurance quotes right away. We have helped hundreds of clients to get the right insurance in Edmonton and around since 15 years and in super visa since its inception in 2011. We are rated among the top insurance advisers in Canada. Our insurance services are something we are proud of and will always strive to keep it the same way!

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Tentative and confirmed dates of travel and super visa insurance relation:

Sometimes when we are applying for the super visa, we give tentative travel dates to acquire the super visa insurance. It is important to update your super visa insurance company if you do not receive your super visa 15 days before your tentative travel date. Keep in mind that if you do not inform your insurance company and change your travel date, your super visa insurance will still become effective from the same tentative date you provided before and not from your changed date. This will cause issues at your entry and over all valid number of days will be affected as well. The first day of insurance protection policy should be the day when your parents or grandparents come to Canada. The one year or 365 days coverage should start from that day. This ensures the best use of your policy.

Also, just to be informative, all your medical and / or emergency medication expenses will be in Canadian dollars should you need to have any.

How long it takes to issue a super visa insurance?

After you have filled out the application, you should get the policy emailed to you within the same day. The information required to complete the application process is: Birthday, Effective date, Medical history, Prescription drugs, Medical conditions, Deductible, First/Last name (has to match the passport), your Canadian address/phone number/email, and payment method(Visa, Master Card, or American Express).

How much super visa insurance costs?

The cost of the super visa insurance depends on the amount of the deductible you choose. The deductible can vary from $0 to $10k. The higher the deductible, the lower will be your initial insurance cost but you will get refund calculated as: Total claim amount minus deductible in case you have a claim. For example; if you have a $5000 claim with $0 deductible policy, the insurance company will pay $5000. If you have a $5000 claim with $1000 deductible policy, the insurance company will pay $4000.

We assure you to find best deductible and claims match for your need. Call us or send us the form to know the further details.

What if my super visa is denied?

If a Super Visa request is denied for any reason, you are qualified to receive 100% of the premium paid for the visa insurance protection. We process the refunds as soon as the proof of visa denial is sent to us.

What if I need to travel back to home country after arriving in Canada?

If you decide to travel back to home country before your anticipated back date, we process the pro-rata refunds. It may take a while as you will submit the proof of travel back and then it will be processed. Sorry, without proof it cannot be processed. Please keep in mind that there should not be any claim on the policy to refund on pro-rata basis.

Can I change my deductible after buying super visa insurance policy?

As long as the effective date of super visa in not met; we can practically help you to change deductible. It cannot be done once the policy has come into effect. Inform us the minute you decide to change the deductible.

What is pre-existing medical condition?

Check with us if this certain condition applies to you. It will increase your premium of the super visa insurance if you want to cover the pre-existing condition and if it is available to be covered in the policy. Please note: In case you have a pre-existing condition, but it is not bought against and covered in the super visa insurance policy, your claim against this condition will be denied.

What if I am still in Canada and my super visa insurance is about to expire?

Contact us as soon as you can before the insurance expires and will help you to extend the policy coverage up-to the date of your stay in Canada.

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